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03 April 2019The Talent in Tite Street
01 May 2019John Peter Russell
05 June 2019The Extraordinary Life of Misia Sert
03 July 2019Punch and Judy
02 October 2019King George III, The most cultured Monarch

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The Talent in Tite Street Jennifer Toynbee-Holmes Wednesday 03 April 2019


London’s Tite Street was one of the most influential artistic quarters in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. A staggering amount of talent thrived in just this one street in Chelsea, including James Abbott McNeill Whistler, Oscar Wilde, John Singer Sargent, Augustus John, Romaine Brooks and Gluck. Throughout its turbulent history it remained home to innumerable artists, writers, suffragettes queers and madmen. Here Whistler was bankrupted, Oscar Wilde imprisoned and Frank Miles went mad. This lecture ties together the private and professional lives of its inhabitants to form a colourful tapestry of art and intrigue.