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Nothing says Christmas like an Axe Fight. Tobias Capwell Wednesday 04 December 2019


Knights in full armour fighting each other with the lance, sword and axe might not be the first thing most of us look forward to as the Christmas holiday approaches. However during the Renaissance,  jousts, tournaments and chivalric spectacles were a hugely important part of the winter festive season at the royal courts of Europe. These events were sparkling, colourful celebrations of life, held during the darkest, coldest time of the year. Here aristocratic warriors proved their worth as the shining defenders of their people, chosen by God to wield divine power.

As well as a curator, broadcaster and author, Toby Capwell is also a famous jouster and horseman, a founding member of the modern jousting community, and the victor in major tournaments all over the world. In this special holiday lecture he gives rare insight into the art, history and realities of formal knightly combat, from the perspective of an experienced practitioner as well as an academic specialist.