06 February 2019William Morris : Reading List
06 February 2019William Morris : Timeline

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William Morris : Reading List
Wednesday 06 February 2019

WILLIAM MORRIS – FURTHER READING - Information supplied by our February 2019 lecturer Jo Banham


The literature on William Morris is huge and the list below is highly selective:

full bibliographies can be found online  The most up-to-date and comprehensive account of Morris’s life is Fiona Macarthy’s biography. Her biography of Edward Burne-Jones also touches on many aspects of his work for Morris & Co and his close friendship with Morris.  E. P. Thompson’s seminal biography provides a detailed analysis of Morris’s political ideas. The best overview of the many different kinds of design associated with Morris & Co is the Victoria & Albert Museum catalogue, edited by Linda Parry. Parry’s book on Morris’s textiles is also extremely extensive and useful for a description of his interiors. Charles Harvey and Jon Press have done fascinating work on Morris’s career as a businessman. A major exhibition about the life and work of May Morris was recently on at the William Morris Gallery and was accompanied by a catalogue edited by Jan Marsh, who has also written a biography of Jane and May Morris. Barbara Morris has written about Morris and the inspiration of the V&A.


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